<oo> --> <dh> --> <japanese> : a resource for classical japanese


manyoshuChapterOne.xml: XML markup of the first scroll (84 poems) of Man'yōshū


poemsToHTMLv2.xsl: XSLT script used to generate each of the poems' pages from our XML

poemsToHTMLv3.xsl: Improved XSLT script used to generate all poem pages


inflectionalHighighting.js: Script used in the poems' pages to colorcode inflectional morphology

showHideOptions.js: A tiny script to change the arrow in the options bar on the poem pages

showHideTexts.js: The canonical show/hide script, used to show and hide options in the poem pages

tooltip.js: Tutorial and code referenced at: http://sixrevisions.com/tutorials/javascript_tutorial/create_lightweight_javascript_tooltip/

You can also access all of our scripts, markup, and the like, and track our progress on GitHub.