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About Us

Courtney Zelinsky

Courtney Zelinsky is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, where she will be completing B.A.s in Linguistics and Japanese, as well as a minor in French. She has served as a teaching assistant for "Introduction to Linguistics", as well as for the Linguistic Internship program. Her work as a research assistant to doctoral students and to the Reading and Language Lab has led her research to strands varying from L2 writing pedagogy to literacy effects on phonemic awareness. Her work on the latter can be found in Writing Systems Research. Courtney works as a Development Intern at M*Modal, where she focuses on improving engine grammars for the identification of entities, tense, and degrees of possibility in electronic health records (EHRs).

Courtney first became interested in Classical Japanese when she studied it with Dr. David Mills at the University of Pittsburgh during the spring of 2013. She became enthralled with the language and narratives contained in ancient texts like Kokinshu, Hojoki, and others. With this passion in mind, she has worked to create this work-in-progress of a Manyoshu reader with the hope that it can serve to benefit students and scholars of the Japanese language and culture alike.

Liyi Chen

Originally from China, Liyi Chen has studied in Canada, Austria and France. Now she is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a History of Art and Architecture and double minor in Studio Arts and Museum Studies. Liyi is interested in Visual Studies, Museum Management and cross-cultural comparison. She was a staff writer for University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown campus newspaper, The Advocate, she was a calculus tutor at UPJ Academic Success Center. She has been working at University Art Gallery as a undergraduate educator assistant and researching at Visual Media Workshop as a undergraduate research assistant in Spring 2014.