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of the Nara period: exploring Classical Japanese and representations of Home Life in Man'yōshū

A Map of Japan's territories during the Nara Period (710-794)

ようこそ! (Welcome!)

Our project seeks to investigate and preserve the Classical Japanese language by making its history and linguistic structures available to learners like you! Please acquaint yourself to our project mission and goals in the "About" link. above.

Learners of Classical Japanese, please navigate to the "Man'yoshu" link to practice using our interactive reader. Study smart by toggling the display of different linguistic structures to support your understanding of the text!

To examine our research questions and corpus analyses of Man'yoshu, please take a look at the dropdowns under "Research" in the navigation bar above.

This project is a part of the cohort of digital humanities projects happening in Computational Methods in the Humanities at the University of Pittsburgh.

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